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From needing a Medevac to getting home.

"We are your Medevac specialist..."

We are your Medevac specialist, coordinating your flight from the very first phone call all the way till your loved one reaches their destination. Let us take this unique and often stressful situation off your list of things to do by contacting us today.

What about Insurance?

"We never take no for an answer and neither should you..."

We work as your insurance billing advocates, ensuring all options are explored when looking to receive insurance benefits even when you receive denial prior to the transport! We never take no for an answer and neither should you, when you feel medical necessity has been met.


United Air Ambulance was created to accommodate and assist families, patients, case managers, and social workers in the Air Ambulance industry. No other air ambulance company does quite what we do and is willing to accommodate any patient’s needs, be it Neonatal, Pediatric, Geriatric, Bariatric, Vent patients, Medical Escorts, Long Distance Ground and endless possibilities.

Schedule an immediate medical flight.


United Air Ambulance can do any of the following; arrange, coordinate, assist, schedule, finance, facilitate, etc. air ambulance transports. In some instances licensed providers, with the proper certification per state and federal regulations, perform services. Providers may be chosen based on any of the following but not limited too, logistics, position, cost, medical capability etc. Contracted providers will act on behalf of United Air Ambulance but assume all patient liability in regards to the transport.