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Flight Services

If this is your 1st or 100th fixed wing transport, rest assured we can take care of every aspect of this transport for you. No matter the special circumstances surrounding your patient transfer, we can handle it. From the very 1st phone call you will notice the difference in our ability to adapt to every situation that should arrive during this unique process and overcome all obstacles. We are not limited to just one or two planes and the capabilities of those pilots and crew so, you will never hear "no, we can’t do that".


When insurance might be a factor that’s when we really shine. We specialize in getting these flights pre-approved for you and the patient. We seamlessly coordinate efforts and keep you informed during the whole process. We have a 100% success rate of getting medically necessary flights paid for. This is proof positive that we are providing a service unlike any other air ambulance company in the nation. This is all at no cost to your patients.


When your patients don’t have private insurance we will work just as hard finding them the most affordable flight to fit their needs. We have a vast network of providers servicing every state and most international destinations. These aircraft are staffed with the best of the best, in their field ranging from High-Risk Obstetric and Neonatal Physicians/Nurses to Critical Care Paramedics. We look beyond the restrictions other providers have and provide the most cost effective transport that is tailored to your patient needs.

Our list of specialized air ambulance transports that United Air Ambulance is capable of…

-High-Risk OB and Neonatal
-Bariatric (Obese Pt needs)
-Critical Care (CCT, ICU, or CCU)
-Emergency Medicine
-Organ Transplant and Transport
-International Medicine
-Pain Management
-Deceased Transport
-Burn Patients
-Disaster Relief and Staging


United Air Ambulance can do any of the following; arrange, coordinate, assist, schedule, finance, facilitate, etc. air ambulance transports. In some instances licensed providers, with the proper certification per state and federal regulations, perform services. Providers may be chosen based on any of the following but not limited too, logistics, position, cost, medical capability etc. Contracted providers will act on behalf of United Air Ambulance but assume all patient liability in regards to the transport.