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Available Aircrafts

Air Medical Transportation

There is a large variety of air ambulance planes available. Here are the majority of planes United Air Ambulance utilizes. They are listed from the shortest range and most cost effective, all the way up to planes with highest operation cost that can fly long distance overseas to international destinations with minimal stops to refuel.

Turboprop Aircrafts

Turboprop Air AmbulanceNon-Stop Range (Nautical Miles)Speed (Knots)Pasengers (Additional to Crew)National or International
Pilatus PC-1215002701-2National
Mitsubishi MU-212003201-2 National
Piaggoi P 18014003201-3National
Cessna 34014002301-2 National
King Air B20018003331-4National
Piper PA-42 Cheyenne22002801-3National

Jet Air Ambulance

Jet Air AmbulanceNon-Stop Range (Nautical Miles)Speed (Knots)Pasengers (Additional to Crew)National or International
Cessna Citation I13003401-2National
Hawker 40016004401-3 National
Learjet 2515004601-2National
Learjet 35/3620003501-3 National
Cessna Citation II20004001-3National
Cessna Citation III23004731-4National
Learjet 5524004601-4National
Cessna Citation I13004421-8National

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United Air Ambulance can do any of the following; arrange, coordinate, assist, schedule, finance, facilitate, etc. air ambulance transports. In some instances licensed providers, with the proper certification per state and federal regulations, perform services. Providers may be chosen based on any of the following but not limited too, logistics, position, cost, medical capability etc. Contracted providers will act on behalf of United Air Ambulance but assume all patient liability in regards to the transport.